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Aramm Movie Online Video Reviews

Aramm aka Aram Movie Online Video Reviews, Aramm is a Tamil ( South Indian language )Word which means for Good Things, 10th centuary people used this word in Proverb “Aramm Seiya Virumbu”, Start Doing Good things – this what it means in english.

Aramm Movie Online Release Date :

Aramm is planned to Release by early November, but the Movie Post-production works are delayed and some changes are made to the film to satisfy its ordinances, at last this most awaited Tamil movie is released,

Released On – November 10 2017  

Aramm Tamil Movie Trailer is Criticised by some of Youtube Movie Reviewing Peoples, check here on the online youtube video shared,

Aramm By Actress Nayanthara Online Video Review is Here

Aramm is screened and its story is based on Tamilnadu farmers and their struggles for water scarcity, where India’s backbone is Agriculture but it slowly moving towards real estate and industrial Modernization, many farmers are pushed to suicidal action. Aramm Tamil Movie story is based on such incidents and how a Lady District collector Resolves farmers Problems is the Lead Line of the flm.

Aramm Movie Online Video Review

This review is Comparision between Thala Ajith Kumar’s Vedhalam Movie and Nayanthara’s Aramm movie which has hit silver screens today,



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