22 Cute Questions to Ask your Girlfriend

Relationships Can become Stronger grow day by day when you get to know about each other very well.Always fighting with girlfriend and being possessive also makes your bonding with each other.The sweet conversations makes your love life happier and it will remain sweet memories forever.

When you get to know about each other you will start asking questions day by day.The questions goes on increasing in the longer run by knowing each others taste and interest.I have listed some of the cute questions to ask your girlfriend.

1.You smell so nice! Which perfume do you use?

2. You look healthy and sexy! Do you workout daily ?

3. You have good knowledge,Do you read a lot of books ?

4. Do you follow any style icon? your style is enviable

5. Your skin is smooth,Which skin cream do you use?

6. Do you learn Music? or are you naturally gifted?

7. From whom did you get this awesome sense of humour?

8. Where did you buy that pretty dress?You look gorgeous!

9.Your hairstyle looks great.where did you get your hair done from?

10Can you help me out with this work?

11. shall we go for a walk in the evening?

12. Can i call you ? i feel like hearing your voice?

13. shall we go out for the dinner tonight ?

15. what color dress are you wearing now ?

16. shall we go to the movie this weekend ?

17. Your bag looks heavy; would you let me carry it for you?

18. Iam new to this place. can you show me around the place?

19. which film star do you like the most ?

20. what is your favourite colour ?

21. what is your favourite food?

22. what kind of songs do you like ?

These are some of the cute questions to ask your girlfriend.There are lot more questions that you can ask your girlfriend which will be romantic.Make love to your girlfiend and make your relationships stronger and healthy.

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