heart melting love proposal messages.

  1. Love is pain, only when you are away from me. Be closer, love me ever as I do. Love you ever green my sweet heart.
  1. I doesn’t have belief in reborn, I don’t need a second life, I just need to love you in this real life which I’m feeling right now, give a chance to make u feel my love.
  1. My virtual calendar has a happy day mark, these days are calculated when I see you around, if not the day is to be marked as a sad day. This deal is signed by my heart as well as my brain, love you from heart.
  2. If I look in to my eyes, will you look me back? If I reaching your hands, will you hold it?If I holding your hand, will you hug me?  If I make you feel my love, will you love me too?  Feel My Love!
  1. My life will be meaningful, only when you be my part of life. Be my half and feel my completeness.
  1. When you are away from me, Miss you very badly. The darkness filled by this separation, only you can drive out with your smiles, stay with me ever, make my life better. Love you sweetie.
  1. I got lost in your eyes, guide me to reach your heart – and then I say, that I got lost to say how much I love you.
  1. Before meeting you I was incomplete, even now I’m in same state – I will be until you accept my love. Will you make me complete by sharing your love?
  1. I respect your freedom, I am ready to provide you the total space you needed, will treat you equal, only thing you need to owe me is your love. Love you my love.
  1. Love is not blind, may be the person not opened eyes to see the love in cutest way as I see in you. Open your eyes, see the real me and feel the real me.
  1. By god or by science, you have space between your fingers, could I fill the spaces and hold you tight in all ups and downs of life journey?


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