Sabarimala Temple Photos Download and 360 Panorama View :

Sabarimala temple photos download for free here, events, devotes, pooja images, sabarimala pampa gallery, sabarimala temple pictures , some interesting links to reach sabarimala are added here. It is a pilgrimage for Hindu religion in India. Around 100 million of Devotees visiting every year, Sabarimala temple is located in middle of 18 hills, temple is located in top of a mountain with altitude of 1260 m (4,133 ft) above sea level. Sabarimala temple is surrounded by dense forest also.

sabarimala temple photos download 15 1 - sabarimala temple photos download free

Kerala Sabarimala Temple Photos Download Infrastructure :

Sabarimalai temple has a good heritage infrastructure, where millions of people worships lord Ayyapan  , here are some photos of sabarimalai temple infra and devotees images.


Great Sabarimala Utsavam (Arattu/Pallivetta) :

Sabarimala photos download for free – gallery of sabarimala utsavam. Arattu and Pallivetta images which performed to lord Ayyappa in sabarimala temple kerala.

Sabarimala Temple Kanni Pooja :

Kanni pooja is one of the puja performed in a month to lord Ayyappa, Please check some of images below.


You can See Sabarimala 360 view by clicking below :

Click on the image to view sabarimala 360 degree view and different places in sabarimala, this link also be used in VR ( Virtual Reality Devices or Box ), you can able to see 360 around of temple, river etc.

sabari mala paranormic 360 view - sabarimala temple photos download free

How to reach sabarimala temple and ways to reach sabarimala temple:

Below pasted is one of the good video guide to reach Sabarimala temple kerala, where it explains the route os Sabarimala – the hill shrine of Lord Ayyappa. Kerala is a state which called as God’s Own country, where you can see greenery all around the state.

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Some Useful Links :

Official page of Sabarimala kerala : kerala government page [ click here ]

Sabarimala Puja Details and booking : sabarimala online pooja details and online booking

Photos Source : Check More Photos here official page of photo gallery

Travel Guide to Reach : Ultimate Travel Guide to Sabarimala


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