Happy Diwali Wishes 2017

May The Joy, Cheer,
Mirth And Merriment
Of This Divine Festival
Surround You Forever.

Happy Diwali…

happy-diwali-wishes-text-and-images Happy Diwali Wishes 2017

May The Happiness,That This
DIWALI Brings Brighten Your Life
And, Hope The Year Bring You
Luck AndFulfills All
Your Dearest Dreams!
Happy Diwali…

happy-diwali-wishes-text-and-images-new Happy Diwali Wishes 2017

May divine light of Diwali spread
into your life lots of peace,
prosperity, happiness and good health.
Wishing you a very Happy Diwali…

happy-diwali-wishes-text-and-images-hd Happy Diwali Wishes 2017

Wishing you & your
Sweet family a very Happy Diwali…
Have a Blasting year Ahead ….

happy-diwali-wishes-text-and-images-best-quality Happy Diwali Wishes 2017

May you and your be blessed
with happiness and well being
to last through the year.
Happy Diwali!

happy-diwali-wishes-text-and-images-sms Happy Diwali Wishes 2017

May this diwali bring in you
the most brightest and choicest
Happiness and love you have ever wished for.
Happy Diwali!

happy-diwali-wishes-text-and-images-download Happy Diwali Wishes 2017

3 people asked your phone no.
I didn’t give your no. But i gave them
your home address. The are coming
home this Diwali. They are
Health Peace & happiness
Happy Diwali .. !

happy-diwali-wishes-text-and-images-new-hd Happy Diwali Wishes 2017

A warm Diwali wish for
every happiness. May the
warmth and splendor, that
are a part of this
auspicious occasion.
Happy Diwali ..!

happy-diwali-wishes-text-and-images-sms-dp Happy Diwali Wishes 2017

May this Diwali fill your life
with happiness and bright cheer,
and bring to you joy and prosperity,
for the whole year. happy Diwali ..

happy-diwali-wishes-text-and-images-whatsapp-dp Happy Diwali Wishes 2017

Diwali is here, diwali is here.
Happiness arrives, happiness is here.

Diwas lighted in every house.
Rangoli patterns in every house.

Decorations on every door.
Tiny stars are shining bright.

Diwali is here, diwali is here.
Happiness arrives, happiness is here.
Happy Diwali ..

happy-diwali-wishes-text-and-images-messages Happy Diwali Wishes 2017


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