Jimmiki Kammal Sheril, how this ordinary girl become a star in one night ? who is she ? where is she come from , whats special in her ? why tamil boys are repeatedly watching it ? Recently a some commerce college students from kerala has performed this dance for their local cultural event for their Onam Festival, some group of people was performed in that dance , but this girl was the center of attraction to people who watch the below pasted video, with her chubbiness she easily creates a magic, watch the video below

Actually, sheril Thala Ajith Kumar fan is not a student , there is a twist for all boys who started think her as a crush, but only disappointment to UG students but rather all other age groups might be little happy. Check the Radio Mirchi exclusive interview with jimmiki kammal fame sheril.

How lucky Mirchi Anand, surely all boys might be jealous on anand right now, i hope jimmiki kammal girl may appear in south indian films, surely she might got some request’s from film makers already.

Even many of remakes are coming up for this song after which hit 10 million views, some interesting dance performed by DSA Academy coimbatore is pasted below from youtube, but its a boys version of jimmiki kammal ,

Coimbatore Boys also doing well, Jimiki Kammal a good thing which available of the digital media.

Sources from – https://www.youtube.com/  – thanks for all who created this content.


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