How Far Thala Ajith Kumar Is Straight Forward ?

I received this above video this morning via one of my whatsapp friends ( private group ), we have heard here and there about Thala Ajith Kumar’s attitude towards straight forward, in our life time, we used to say often that I Am straight forward, but we really don’t know what actually straight forward means, i had some questions while thinking about straight forward.

How far we are straight forward ?

Do we really a straight forward person ?

To whom we are straight forward ?

In which situation we are straight forward ?

– but really i ended with a conclusion that I Am not a complete straight forward person, I double confirmed after knowing about Thala Ajith Kumar.

Ajith Kumar is liked not only by his fans, also many common people, co-actors, co-technicians are loving ajith kumar for his straight forward attitude , simplicity. I have seen many of Ajith Fans are practicing these good attitude, good attitude can be copied whenever and where ever needed.

Another Example for his straight forward quality, his speech at PASA THALAIVANUKKU PARATTU VIZHA a function conducted to honor Chief Minister of Tamilnadu – M. Karunanidhi , in the year of 2010. How brave the speech is , this shows how far thala Ajith Kumar is Straight forward.

But  the below video is get edited by the concern media who covered it, but the video is up in youtube already.

This is the original video, which has been recorded by someone from crowd. He directly said with Chief minister of the state, Tamil Nadu – where Ajith films are released, that’s a good ever example for straight forward character.

I now understand why Ajith Kumar has genuine fan base and even huge fan base in Tamilnadu , the fan base is yet growing. Very happy to write article about thala Ajith Kumar. How far Thala Ajith Kumar Is Straight Forward – we know the answer now.

Sources – Sources are collected from Youtube and direct whatsapp video message – does not take any responsibilities for the videos listed above – which is collected from different internet sources


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