Shruthi hassan and tamannaah are really friends



It’s a treat to both of fans of white beauty fans, by these Instagram post of shruthi hassan we can smell a good friendship between both leading heroines. both of them has a good market in south as well in bollywood.

I thinks they used good filter to match both of their skin tones to similar, comparing both Tamannaah wins in brighter skin tone contest by 0.5% difference with Shruthi hassan. But comparing height always Shruthi is the one who lines up among height and zero size personality.

Did they done that ?

There are rumors coming up, that both have been into serious relationship and they used to kissing each other like couples etc etc, but seriously we should not encourage such rumors. we have to really respect them, they are good role models for women empowerment moments happening silently in Indian society.They earns more than a mid-range company CEO earnings, they are individual, they are beautiful and healthy, then what else is needed ?

Tamannaah had lost some of opportunities and even started losing fans by late 2015, but after a big Tollywood blockbuster Bhaubali Beginning, She regained her stand again into cinema industry, she looks beautiful even she gets older. But she has a good secret workout to maintain how she is appeared in first film.

But fans will be happy by seeing how they appear in social media rather than appearing in screen. heroines will be more happy when they used to makeup in the way how they like, but in screens the makeup and appearance will be influenced by director of the film or by any other technician who is responsible for it.

Very to see such off-screen appearances of celebrities, really who many men’s dreaming most of times. Both Shruti and Tamannah are involved in most of social activities, they are pillar of support to women empowerment. Via this article, I Salute both of them.

{ Sources from – Instagram Official Page of Shruthi – ID – shrutzhaasan }


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